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Halosan.com is a website intended to provide readers, IT users, and administrators with examples, samples, demos, and reviews of a variety of different IT related scenarios, concepts, and processes in a clear and concise webpage. A major focus of content is related to Windows infrastructure and deployment automation.


Whois Halosan?

Currently on contract as a Technical Account Manager for a major fortune 500 company in Washington state, Harold Mitts is a technology expert with over 30 years experience in Windows, PC, software, and network administration. Halosan.com is evolving out of years of working hands-on in the industry and as an enthusiast. http://halosan.com/blog/about/

In Harold’s own words;

 "Even if in some small way, I hope any content I create can be used by someone to make their life or work easier. I believe sharing knowledge, skills, and experience can have a positive impact to myself and others. I have been around the world, a few times. Some of my fondest memories are the time I have spent in Japan, helping and training partners and collegues to build and implement solutions. This is where I got the name Halosan – the Romanji spelling of my first name, as pronounced by native Japanese speakers (Ha-Low-San)."

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