Windows 10, version 1903 and Your Phone

If you have not yet heard, the Windows 10, version 1903 adds support to view and control certain smart phones using the mouse and keyboard of your computer. More details on this can be found on this Microsoft site

These are the system requirements to accomplish this;

  • Select Android phones* running Android 7.0 or greater (*Samsung Galaxy S8/S8+/S9/S9+).
  • Windows 10 PC with a Bluetooth radio that supports low energy peripheral role.
  • Latest 19H1 preview build (18342+ recommended).
  • Android phone must be on, within Bluetooth range of the PC, and connected to the same network as the PC.

If your PC does not have a Bluetooth radio which supports low energy peripheral role, it is as simple as purchasing one and plugging it in. Here is a Bluetooth which is compatible;