Clover Trail CPU End of Support on Windows 10

Recently, Intel stopped supporting certain chipsets for Windows 10, starting in Creators Update. Here is a list of the affected Clover Trail processors;

  • Atom Z2760
  • Atom Z2520
  • Atom Z2560
  • Atom Z2580

Usually the most common devices affected by this compatibility issue are tablets, but some laptops and netbooks are also affected.

These devices will return an error when attempting to upgrade to the Creators Update and will then proceed to roll-back the installation to Anniversary Update edition. Users will still receive critical updates and hotfixes even while using the Anniversary Update. Once extended support ends, these devices wont be able to get security fixes, but they should be fine until then and should run Anniversary Update, just fine.

According to the rumors on the internet, Acer and Microsoft are working on a fix, but there is currently no work-around.