Extract Drivers from a Windows Installation

Have you ever needed to make a backup of the currently installed device drivers? It’s pretty easy to do and you don’t need any additional software – just follow these simple steps;

1. Boot the device to Windows or WinPE
2. Launch the Command shell as an Administrator
3. Create a location to save the drivers, example: C:\Drivers

MD C:\Drivers

4. Run DISM and provide the parameter to export drivers, including a path where the drivers will get saved

DISM /Online /Export-driver /Destination:C:\Drivers

5. Press Enter

Now you should have a folder which contains a sorted list of folders, each with INF-based device drivers, specific to this device.

You can copy this model-specific device driver folder to a share and use it to reinstall drivers if you ever need to, or use it in a driver injection solution to install these drivers onto similar systems which contain the same devices and driver requirements. To learn more about driver injection, check out my driver injection article here: http://blog.halosan.com/driver-injection

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