Remove default PXE boot manager timeout in WDS

Windows Deployment Services automatically has the PXE boot menu set to a 30 second timeout. While this can be useful, many users decide they want to remove the timeout value. Removing the timeout value is useful if you typically image multiple computers and do not want the PC to automatically select a boot image when a reboot from the network occurs and if you cannot  be present during the 30 second opportunity.Removing the timeout enables a user to network boot many PCs without the risk the PCs will automatically timeout and select either the first deployment set in the list or the default boot image.

Once you are ready to delete the Boot Manager timeout, navigate to C:\Windows\System32 and then run the following commands on the server in an elevated command prompt;

For 32 bit clients;

C:\WINDOWS\system32>bcdedit.exe /store d:\RemoteInstall\Boot\x86\default.bcd /deletevalue {bootmgr} timeout 

For 64 bit clients, you should perform two commands as follows;

bcdedit.exe /store d:\RemoteInstall\Boot\x86\default.bcd /deletevalue {bootmgr} timeout 
bcdedit.exe /store d:\RemoteInstall\Boot\x86x64\default.bcd /deletevalue {bootmgr} timeout

These commands assume you have Windows installed at C:\Windows and your Windows Deployment Services instance is located at D:\RemoteInstall. If your configuration is different, you would need to modify either of these as appropriate.

Important : Be sure you aren’t attempting to run bcdboot.exe

Tip: You may need to restart the WDS service before the boot manager timeout gets updated

For more information about modifying the BCD store, see

That’s it. Now the automatic timeout will be removed from the Boot Manager screen and if you have more than one WinPE added to WDS, the WinPE selection window will await you to select the boot image, without the timeout.